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Manufacturer of factory installed front strut assembly?

Tuesday 05/17/2022 | 1989 | 944 S2 | Suspension | 27 views

Battery Coding

Sunday 05/15/2022 | 2019 | 718 Cayman | Electrical | 126 views

I just purchased my 982 CPO with 3600 miles. After leaving the dealership I got errors in the dash saying “check right rear light”,”check left rear light”. Etc. pushed on home as the dealership I purchased this vehicle from is 3.5 hours from my home. No Porsche dealerships near me in 25526. The next morning I had to jump the vehicle, and all throughout the week I’ve had to jump it or had slow crank and intermittent warning lights. Contacted the dealership and complained that the battery has g ...


Need 944 convertible top release wrench

Saturday 05/14/2022 | 1990 | 944 S2 Cabriolet | Other | 60 views

Need convertible top release tool for 1990 Porsche 944 Cabriolet


Time for me to replace the front struts on my 2007 Cayman S (no PASM). I am contemplating koni sports struts? Has anyone installed them on their Cayman ? Any recommendations between Koni sports, Bilstein B4 or B6 ? I am not looking to change the springs or ride height.

Saturday 05/14/2022 | 2007 | Cayman S | Suspension | 96 views

Chris, are there instructions or video on replacing the ABS wiring harness (point of connect locations, etc.) for a 996 turbo? Thank you.

Thursday 05/12/2022 | 2003 | 911 Turbo | Electrical | 54 views



On my 996 turbo, the bushings or grommets connecting the ABS wiring to the wheel well have deteriorated. Are there grommets available to fix this without removing the ABS wiring? Thanks.

Thursday 05/12/2022 | 2003 | 911 Turbo | Electrical | 75 views



How do I change region?

Wednesday 05/11/2022 | 2018 | 718 Cayman | Other | 51 views

How do I change my membership region? I see answers saying to edit my PCA profile, but there is no region options listed.


How often should the sealant provided by Porsche for emergency tire repair be replaced?

Wednesday 05/11/2022 | 2008 | 911 Carrera S | Wheels and Tires | 201 views

I recently picked up a nail in my left rear tire. I was able to drive to the local dealership but unfortunately had to get a new tire. But in doing so I did find the sealant in the the front tool area. How long does this sealant last in case I ever need to use it in the future? Is there any better system Porsche recommends to deal with an emergency tire repair?


1983 944 Power window diagnosis

Tuesday 05/10/2022 | 1983 | 944 | Electrical | 78 views

Hi George,Neither of my power windows are working. There is no power coming to either of the switches. I checked and cleaned both switches and checked the 25a fuse which the manual says is in position 8 on the upper fuse block. If there is a relay in the 1983 power window circuit I can not find it. The wiring schematics I have found are obscure regarding the power windows for 1983 944s.Can you help me diagnose my power windows as the weather warms. READ ANSWER

Looking for a walkthrough of how to replace the HVAC blower motor for 997.1.

Tuesday 05/10/2022 | 2006 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Heating and Ventilation | 78 views

2006 C4S (997) with a squeaking HVAC blower motor. I'm pretty sure I'm capable of replacing the blower motor, but I'm not sure how best to access it. I can't find an explainer video on youtube. Does anyone have a set of diagrams or a video walkthrough handy?


battery disconnect problem

Tuesday 05/10/2022 | 2006 | Boxster | Electrical | 33 views

battery went flat in year long storage. Charged before removal and car starts except getting Tiptronic Emergency Run message and redlight on next to 4th gear transmission light. Airbag dash indicator also on. Car won't shift.


what larger tire sizes can I use on my 2015 Cayman S with 20 inch wheels

Monday 05/09/2022 | 2015 | Cayman S | Wheels and Tires | 30 views

I will be doing some track days and the current tires will need to be replaced soon at 34k miles. I would like to go with wider tires. What sizes will fit??


Interested in upgrading the suspension on my 04 996TT Cab for improved handling and ride. I was looking at a few different options, Bilstein B16 (PSS10) and H&R Street-Perf Coil-overs Part #29462-2, but am open to any suggestions.

Sunday 05/08/2022 | 2004 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Suspension | 81 views

Experiencing hesitation with codes P1133 and P1126

Saturday 05/07/2022 | 2001 | Boxster S | Engine | 27 views

Before I go into the current symptoms, here is some history. Before putting the car away for the winter, it was running fine. I store the car in my shop/pole barn. It is weathertight and I heat it when I work on my cars during the winter (no mice get into it). This winter, I installed a new Borla exhaust - muffler only. When I started up the car after installation, it was running rough and the following codes were generated: P0300, P0306, P0304. (FYI - I have a code reader that reads specific ...


Can I disconnect the abs/brake sensor light?

Saturday 05/07/2022 | 2002 | Boxster | Brakes | 159 views

Ok, so I changed the front brake pads last week, and when I went to plug in the sensors, the connector attached to the caliper (abs sensor?) the unit was a crumbling mess. It literally fell apart in my hands, so there was nothing to plug into, so I taped the wires to the unit as best as could be, causing the ABS and brake wear sensor lights to come on. I'm confident the brakes are fine, and will eventually change the abs wiring unit, but in the meantime can I disconnect the dash warning light ...


Sealant yes or no.

Friday 05/06/2022 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Engine | 180 views

Putting the case back together & seems like it should have sealant on it?


Help….1999 12v cigarette outlet/ 12v power source works without car being on, probably as should? I noticed it has a light ring around it and does not come on when the headlights are on….so i removed it and the bulb holder apparatus is not on it. My question is if i get that apparatus will that light be on all times or will it come on with my headlight switch? The existing wiring to the cigarette/ 12v has 3 wires. Will that 3rd wire, power the light ring?

Thursday 05/05/2022 | 1999 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Accessories | 99 views

Im told today by my mechanic, he cannot replace my tension belt on my 1993 968 Cab, because the tensioner or tension belt is no longer made by anyone?

Wednesday 05/04/2022 | 1993 | 968 | Engine | 318 views

Mechanic wants me to sign a hold harmless waiver before he will change my timing belt, he says he has to leave old tensioned belt on and told me to cross fingers it does break in near future. so if my engine will be destroyed, nothing I can do about it? Help I just bought car last week timing belt hasn't been changed in 20 years.


Why do I have an extra seat belt under the paeenger seat?

Wednesday 05/04/2022 | 2001 | Boxster S | Interior/Upholstery | 141 views

Is the seat belt (female end) connection that is bolted to the floor pan under the center of my passenger seat a standard item? My Boxster S was built in Finland.


How to replace your 986 cigarette lighter

Wednesday 05/04/2022 | 2001 | Boxster | Electrical | 72 views

Looking for photos/video on how to replace your 986 cigarette lighter.


Whar is wrong with my left turn signal?

Wednesday 05/04/2022 | 2000 | 911 Carrera | Electrical | 177 views

Often when i use my left turn signal, the dash light flashes faster then normal. The rear turn light flashes fast also but instead of the front turn signal light flashing, a bulb in the left front headlight flashes, I can take the complete headlight package out and simply replace it and things work properly for a short time until it happens again. I have done this several times .All bulbs appear to be good and work properly some times.Any advice on what the problem is and a cure ? He ...


Advice on CPO Vehicles

Wednesday 05/04/2022 | 2013 | Boxster | Other | 228 views

Looking to purchase a 2012 - 2014 Boxster with the PDK auto trans. I have checked CPO vehicles which tend to run quite a bit higher, understanding that the consumer is paying for the certification in the purchase price. I will put on 6 to 7 thousand miles a year. Looking for opinions if the CPO is important or will a good PPI suffice? I am looking for a vehicle 45k or under. Thanks


I need a mechanic referral for 968 region13

Tuesday 05/03/2022 | 1993 | 968 Cabriolet | Other | 141 views

Desperately seeking a Technician for my new to me 993, 968 timing belt needs changing etc. 60430 zip


Oil capacity in liters for 2008 GT3RS.

Tuesday 05/03/2022 | 2008 | 911 GT3 RS | Engine | 99 views

2008 GT3RS. After oil drain and filter replacement, what is the oil fill in liters? Thank you.


On or about May 2, 2022 there was question on making a 2014 exhaust note louder. Can the same thing be done on a 2006 Cayman S?

Tuesday 05/03/2022 | 2006 | Cayman S | Other | 81 views

On May 2 there was a question on how to “Make a 2014 Cayman S exhaust note higher”. Can the same thing be done for a 2006 Cayman S? If so could the person post a picture.Thanks


Anyone ever shift a 996 from 6th into 5th and had the shifter basically be dead. IE as soon as I shifted I could tell it did not engage anything. As if the shifter was disconnected. I could shift back into 6th but had now lost 5th. It was not until I shifted down to 4th and then back up into 5th that 5th gear worked again.

Tuesday 05/03/2022 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Transmission/Clutch | 147 views

Anything I could check quickly to determine if something worn or broken?


Convertible top gets stuck

Monday 05/02/2022 | 2013 | Boxster S | Cables and Controls | 72 views

Boxter top when lowering sticks about 2/3rds of the way down. If I release the button and then pull it again it will go the rest of the way down and complete opening. Going up is no issue. This only happens sometimes not all the time. Also, it almost always happens on the first time I open it. If I close it and immediately open it again it will open all the way.I have lubricated all moving joints that I can see and that seems to fix it temporarily sometimes but then it ...


Just bought 1993 968 cab I want to use the K&N 4001 oil filter, is it safe?

Monday 05/02/2022 | 1993 | 968 Cabriolet | Engine | 117 views

pdk transmission wont go into reverse after engine reaches normal running temperature. Works fine when car has been sitting.

Monday 05/02/2022 | 2015 | Cayman GTS | Transmission/Clutch | 243 views

dealer indicates it cannot be repaired but the transmission needs to be replaced. 16k for the tranny alone. Forward gears all work really well.


After my last ride, I parked the Porsche in the garage and left it for two weeks, and it hasn't started since. Nothing happens when I turn the Key. No lights, no dashboard. Nothing.

Monday 05/02/2022 | 2007 | Cayman | Electrical | 291 views

Also, when I turn the key, I can't get it back out. I've checked fuses, battery, ground cables and all are good. There is a procedure in the Owner's Manual for 'emergency unlocking of the front compartment lid'. This is done with a donor battery by using jumper cables and hooking the cables to the positive terminal in the fuse box and grounding it to the door arrester. When I do this, everything works! Dash lights up, electronics work, and the car starts and runs perfectly. When I disconnect ...


What is the best kit for a triptonic oil change which includes other than that thin "blue" gasket"?

Monday 05/02/2022 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Transmission/Clutch | 63 views

I understand that the transmission oil change kits with the "blue" thin gaskets are no good, in that once they are installed they leak!


Part Number

Monday 05/02/2022 | 2007 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Other

Bought a 997.1 TT rear decklid/wing for my 997.1 S. The decklid is missing the mount/bracket for wing lift motor. Can someone help me identify the part number for this bracket? Thanks in advanced!Ray


front fog lights

Sunday 05/01/2022 | 2011 | Boxster S | Electrical

I don't have front fog lights. They must have been an option but seems to me they should be standard on an S model.


can i remove the factory alarm and vehicle immobilizer from under the driver seat without any major issues?

Sunday 05/01/2022 | 2001 | Boxster | Electrical | 117 views

i am having issues with the vehicle immobilizer cutting power to the car at random times. i then have to wait a few minutes then the electrical system will come back online.this can happen when idling, driving, and usually when the car is turned off...that is when the entire electrical system is taken offline. when these power interruptions occur, the digital clock does not reset nor do i have to reset the factory radio with the code. also...when the power interruption happe ...


Loss of power steering

Sunday 05/01/2022 | 1985 | 944 | Other | 60 views

After storage for 30 years, in spite of the fact that the power steering was working properly, (although with a small leak), I changed the power steering fluid along with the reservoir, by putting the front of the car on stands, and moving the steering wheel from lock to lock, replacing old fluid as the it went from dark to red. However, after the procedure, I lost all power steering, also noticing that unlike some cars, I didn't see any movement of the fluid in the reservoir with the engine ...


No power to radio

Saturday 04/30/2022 | 2008 | Boxster S | Electrical | 90 views

I brought my 2008 Boxster S in for routine service, oil change and spark plugs. Mechanic said he left the key in the ignition for a few days and that drained the battery. After recharging it, there was no power going to the radio / navigation unit. He checked fuses but can’t find the reason for loss of power to the unit. He asked me to take the car home and research the issue and bring it back to him. Appreciate any advice. Thanks. ...


No power to radio

Saturday 04/30/2022 | 2008 | Boxster S | Electrical | 72 views

I brought my 2008 Boxster S in for routine service, oil change and spark plugs. Mechanic said he left the key in the ignition for a few days and that drained the battery. After recharging it, there was no power going to the radio / navigation unit. He checked fuses but can’t find the reason for loss of power to the unit. He asked me to take the car home and research the issue and bring it back to him. Appreciate any advice. Thanks. ...


Hi - can anyone recommend a repair shop for a 914 near Vero Beach, Fl, 32963

Saturday 04/30/2022 | 1974 | 914 2.0 | Transmission/Clutch | 36 views

What is the root cause of my top not closing?

Friday 04/29/2022 | 2004 | 911 Carrera | Accessories | 90 views

The soft top won’t close completely. It starts to close but only raises partially. I bought the car in December 2021 and haven’t raised or lowered the top a lot. Does anyone have any suggestions. I live in Williamsburg Virginia.


We have a lot of bad roads in Ontario Canada , wondering if my 2014 Cayman S ride quality (and road noise) would improve if i switched from 20 inch to 19 inch rims. I'm also thinking whether this switch would benefit a road trip on Route 66 from Chicago to Laguna Seca for a bucket list track day? thanks

Friday 04/29/2022 | 2014 | Cayman S | Wheels and Tires | 84 views

Making a 2014 Cayman S exhaust note louder.

Wednesday 04/27/2022 | 2014 | Cayman S | Engine | 210 views

Hello, I have a 2014 Cayman S. My exhaust system is stock and I like to make the exhaust note a bit louder. My neighbor showed me how to unbolt a metal coupler that joins together the left hand and right hand mufflers (location is at the top of the mufflers) and slide the coupler to the left or right, creating an approximately 1/2 in gap which makes an exhaust leak. This exhaust leak enhances and makes the exhaust note a bit louder. The question is, as far as we know, in the long run, will th ...


Rear Hatch Opener Motor Problem

Wednesday 04/27/2022 | 1985 | 944 | Body | 51 views

The motor on my rear hatch opener system stops at any point, and not just with the cable arm at the closest position to the lock, causing my rear hatch to pop open if I hit a bump. Upon reviewing youtube, the motor, after being activated from the cabin switch, always stops at the same position- always closest to the lock so the cable does not open the locking pins. Do I take apart the motor mechanism (which otherwise is working well), or is there some other reason the arm is not stopping at t ...


18 inch OEM Turbo Twist wheels and tire sizes

Wednesday 04/27/2022 | 1999 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Wheels and Tires | 111 views

HelloI own a 1999, 996.1, Cabriolet The car came equipped with 17 inch wheels and I have decided to upgrade to the optional18 inch wheels. I recently purchased a set of 18 inch turbo twist wheels: 18x7.5 et 50 fronts and 18x10 et 65 rears. The recommended tires sizes are: 225/40/18 front and 265/35/18 rear.I am considering 225/40/18 for the fronts and 285/30/18 for the rears. Basically the main difference is the rear tire size moving up from 265 to 285. Should ...


I replaced the original spare tire (105/95 R17) with a 115/95 R17 because I was told the 105 was not available. Do later models of the Boxster come with a larger spare tire then the 105? My present tire cover is a bit tight on my present 115 tire.

Tuesday 04/26/2022 | 2000 | Boxster S | Wheels and Tires | 39 views

Does this part aid in aerodynamic high speed stability

Tuesday 04/26/2022 | 2006 | 911 Carrera | Body | 51 views

I noticed surface rust appearing in the rear wheel arches under the factory arc trim that is in front of each rear wheel . Is the part designed to keep mud and dirt off the side of the car or it it a aerodynamic part and needed for high speed car stability or rear brake cooling . If it is simply to keep the car clean I may not replace it because I don’t w


The one that got away !

Tuesday 04/26/2022 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Other | 75 views

I bet there are several of you out there with the same issue. We had the car of our dreams but for whatever reason we let it slip away. Any suggestions as to where to start my search. It was a beautiful factory order C4S. Usually when i make a mistake in life I don't look back,but I can't help but dream of finding my car and bringing it home.


Alarm won’t stop

Monday 04/25/2022 | 2002 | 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet | Electronics | 42 views

I asked a question earlier on trouble with alarm going off randomly. Thank you for suggestions. I would like to know, however, if it is normal for the alarm to go off indefinitely once activated? I thought alarm were supposed to blast for a limited time to scare away people. But mine goes for hours if tripped (randomly and for no apparent reason at this point). Thanks.


The stock ratio for tire sizes is the rear tires are 3% larger in circumference than the fronts. How much can I deviate from that?

Monday 04/25/2022 | 2018 | 718 Boxster GTS | Wheels and Tires | 36 views

 Is 2 % enough? Is 5% too much? I'm trying to fit Yokohama Advan A052 for track and autocross. I'm using 19" OZ wheels. According to the Tire Rack: the 245 35 19 fronts revolve 807 x per mile and the 275 rears are at 781 for a 1.69 % difference. Going up to 295 35 19 tires at 768 revs makes for a 5% difference. I'm not sure the 295s would fit. I realize the front to rear ratio needs to be maintained for the nannies to work properly and I don't want to turn them off. ...


I have a dead PCM. What happens to the Sport Chrono option if I can’t replace the PCM and have to install an aftermarket head unit?

Sunday 04/24/2022 | 2010 | 911 Turbo | Electronics | 51 views

Hi, I have a 2011 Carrera S which I have owned for two years and put about 3K miles/year on the car. During my recent annual service, I observed the oil draining from the engine. It was as black as ink. The technician mentioned that they are all like that. This differs from other cars I have which use Mobil 1. I suspect this is an artifact of direct injection, but do not know. I would like to know what causes this?

Saturday 04/23/2022 | 2011 | 911 Carrera S | Engine | 102 views