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My TPMS light will not stay off and the pressures are different every time I pull them up. Dealer reset and 10 miles later back on.

Today | 2018 | Cayenne | Electronics | 18 views

Why will you not respond?


Base Cayman Shudder/Miss Fire

Thursday 06/30/2022 | 2008 | Cayman | Engine | 24 views

New to a 987.1 Cayman Base, I am noticing what feels like a miss below 2500 RPM when accelerating. No CEL though and this is reproducible hot and cold. It is most noticeable from a take off obviously but I also notice it when cruising sometimes. Is this just a by product of engine lugging or should I dive deeper into it?


steering is now hard to turn and making a squeaking noise turning right or left no fluid leaks reserivor cover off pumping brakes no bubbles

Thursday 06/30/2022 | 1986 | 944 Turbo | Wheels and Tires | 36 views

86 turbo steering started one day to be hard to turn. at speed not so bad but once you are pulling in etc at slow speeds the issue becomes harder to turn and the sound like its not power steering anymore. removed lid to fluid and started car turned left to right and no bubbles i could see.maybe the line is clogged? or pump not working at low speeds?filter in reservoir clogged perhaps? I read that you have to replace this as the reservoir is integrated into this unit ...


When the engine is running, there is a flute like noise eminating from the area behind the front passengers side wheel. It intermittently stops and then resumes with no rhyme or reason. It may be related to HVAC but Im not sure. How can I determine what it is and how to remediate the issue?

Wednesday 06/29/2022 | 2000 | Boxster S | Engine | 81 views

I have owned the car since last August and the noise is there summer and winter. The car is well kept and runs great with no other issues. The noise is monotone and it sounds like a flute playing or the noise that is made when blowing across the neck of a glass soda bottle. Radiators are clean and body fittings appear to be tight.


Back up camera aftermarket

Tuesday 06/28/2022 | 2014 | Boxster | Accessories | 9 views

Has anyone installed an aftermarket backup camera on a 2014 boxter. If so which would you recommend?


Should I put the convertible top in manual mode before removing the passenger side transmission? My suspicion is that the plastic gear is damaged, as there is a clicking sound when I try to put the top down. I don't want to damage anything else.

Monday 06/27/2022 | 2003 | Boxster | Cables and Controls | 9 views

I understand that realigning the control levers can be an issue for this type of repair. There doesn't appear to be an issue yet with the driver side transmission - yet, so I am only going to remove 1 transmission at a time.


Hazard Lights flash when driving car, doors unlock, interior lights come on

Thursday 06/23/2022 | 2002 | Boxster S | Electrical | 3 views

When vehicle is cold, after starting, hazard lights fast flash, doors unlock, and interior lights come on. The only way to stop it is to turn car off and remove key then restart. This will only work after car is warmed up.Also, at times part of the instrument cluster will flash. this comes and goes. I have replaced ignition switch, headlight switch, alternator, battery, battery cables. Immobilizer is new from ECUDoctors a few years ago. Checked all grounds.

Rear hatch glass is separating from window trim, any advise on a fix would be appreciated thanks .

Thursday 06/23/2022 | 1980 | 924 | Body | 3 views

2007 987 top cannot be unlocked.

Wednesday 06/22/2022 | 2007 | Boxster S | Cables and Controls | 24 views

Replaced both push rods for the top due to the plastic ball broken on both and the left rod being parts adjusted to approx. length due to complete breakage ot the plastic head on both push rods. the top closed without any problem. The problem now is the top will not release the locking mechanism at the corners of the windshield.The windows don't go half way down when the center lock is released.It would be quite a coincidence if the micro switch chose to fail at this time,but could b ...


Noise that resembles tire hum at rear, It’s not tires.

Wednesday 06/22/2022 | 2011 | 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet | Other | 15 views

I have a consistent hum that changes with speed. It is not associated with motor (RPM). I thought it was either tires or wheel bearing noise. Took the car to a factory porsche dealer and they did a check of bearings with stethoscope and nothing noted as a problem. They finally determining it must be tires as I had a set of Michelin tires on it that were not N rated. Just put a net set of Pirelli P Zeros N rated tires and still have the same noise. Not the tires. The noise starts at about 25 ...


Just about a year ago I purchased a 2006 Carrera S that has a mObridge Bluetooth unit installed, which replaced the cd changer to stream music through the Bose system. My car no says no cd changer when that input is selected on the PCM. The mObdridge unit is still powered up and functioning because my cell phone still sees it and is able to connect to it. Can the cd changer be reactivated by a coding unit (Foxwell for example) or does this require a trip to the dealer?

Wednesday 06/22/2022 | 2006 | 911 Carrera S | Electronics | 6 views

Photo of PCM software version attached.


I'm not sure this is a technical question, but I'm unsure where else to ask. Is it possible to find out if my car was previously owned by a PCA based on the VIN?

Tuesday 06/21/2022 | 2006 | 911 Carrera S | Other | 27 views

VIN: WP0AB29976S744400


Can the passenger door lock mechanism be removed through the small opening by simply moving the inner door metal trim panel? It is running afoul of the window regulator.

Tuesday 06/21/2022 | 2003 | Boxster | Cables and Controls | 6 views

Does the door handle need to be detached and removed to remove the lock mechanism? The window regulator, newly installed, is prohibiting the movement of the metal trim panel.


Can anyone suggest a good, solid Porsche shop in the Stuart/Jupiter Florida area. I have a 2002 Boxster in need of an IMS upgrade.

Monday 06/20/2022 | 2002 | Boxster | Engine | 6 views

Currently no symptoms. But I don't want it hanging over my head so I want to get it done and replace the clutch at the same time. I want to get the mechanicals out of the way prior to getting a new paint's original now and it's a 50/50 paint job. 50 feet and 50 MPH it looks great.


Hard shifting into first and reverse

Monday 06/20/2022 | 2006 | 911 Carrera 4 | Transmission/Clutch | 27 views

I am having trouble shifting into 1st and into reverse. it requires a little more elbow grease than it should. Also, during a spirited drive– I find that periodically in shifting from 1st to 2nd, that the clutch will take a moment to engage. It's like the clutch is slipping prior to engaging. The transmission fluid was changed at ~81K mile (<4K miles ago). I worry that this might mean my clutch is going bad. However, this problem just started-- can the clutch just all of a sudden fa ...


I just picked up a 2013 Boxster S — first Porsche! The factory option list included rear parking sensors, but not front sensors, and yet my front bumper has the sensors and they seems to be wired to something as far as I can tell. Is that just the way they came? Did my front bumper get replaced at some point (clean carfax)?

Sunday 06/19/2022 | 2013 | Boxster S | Body | 12 views

Any information or suggestions to minimize 'cowl shake' on Boxster convertible that happens at highways speeds between 73-76 mph? I understand that there is some frame flex with 'soft tops' in particular, which causes 'cowl shake' at speed, and was interested in hearing more about options that may help 'stiffen' frame.

Saturday 06/18/2022 | 2006 | Boxster S | Other | 9 views

Intermittent misfire

Friday 06/17/2022 | 2004 | 911 Targa | Engine | 6 views

My car is throwing a P305 intermittentlyI swapped out the coil pack and spark plug still get a MIL intermittently. It seems to happen only at low /idle RPM.Before I changed the coil pack it threw the code more frequently. Changing the plug made no di


Is it necessary to change the PDK filter?

Friday 06/17/2022 | 2016 | Cayman GTS | Transmission/Clutch | 6 views

The standard service interval for the PDK for 981 series is 180,000 miles or 12 years. I have seen recent recommendations that cut this to 60,000 miles or 6 years. I have a 981 GTS that I use primarily for track (DE) events. I'm not sure if the previous (original) owner performed any PDK service to date. I acquired this car with just under 20,000 miles. Since it's coming up on 6 years old, I plan to change the ATF and final drive fluids.Fluid (ATF and final drive oil) change ...


What is the best way to adjust the rear hatch?

Friday 06/17/2022 | 2007 | Cayman | Body | 3 views

With a rubber bumper midway down each side of the rear hatch, and two adjustable rubber bumpers at the rear, what is the best way to ensure the weight of the hatch is evenly distributed between the four bumpers and seals properly?


Weird Starter Issues 2004 Boxster S

Thursday 06/16/2022 | 2004 | Boxster S | Electrical | 9 views

This is an update to a previous question asked on this forum. My original starter was beginning to go, was making a loud squeal on start, or not starting quickly anymore. A few days before I installed a new starter, the current one would not stop spinning once the engine started. I had to turn off the car and restart then it would function properly. I purchased a Bosch rebuilt starter from Pelican. I installed it and the first few starter had no issue. Started faster than ever and no noise. S ...


Will a tach from a 991 replace a tach in a 997.2?

Wednesday 06/15/2022 | 2009 | 911 Carrera | Electrical | 9 views

my 997.2 has PDK. The gear indicator is not in the tach and to check what gear you are in requires taking your eyes off the road. L would like to replace my current tach if another will fit and the electrics are compatable.


Is it possible to identify which IMS bearing my 2005 911 was built with using the serial number?

Wednesday 06/15/2022 | 2005 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Engine | 15 views

P1219 P1578P1577 Codes help.

Tuesday 06/14/2022 | 2001 | Boxster S | Electrical | 324 views

Just bought this car with a clean PPI and it got a check engine light within my first mile of driving. Codes are P1219, P1578, and P1577. My code reader and others told me that means throttle potentiometer. So, I replaced it and the same codes came right back. It drives great, but I would really like to solve this issue. Anyone have any ideas?


Boxster revs

Monday 06/13/2022 | 1999 | Boxster | Engine | 270 views

It is suggested we not drive over 3000 rpm until warm, but not under 3000 rpm when warm. That's a critical rpm since that is about 2nd gear in the 5-speed if I remember correctly. It tends to get hotter, though not overheating, at that rpm for sustained periods in town.I have seen your suggestion (assuming Pedro is answering) we not run the engine at 3000 rpm if possible, due to bad harmonics at that rpm.Would trundling around town for short periods at 2500 or so in third be ok, ...


The rear hatch seems to be creating excess cabin pressure in the car. It's especially noticeable on bumpy roads. Does Porsche have a remedy for this?

Monday 06/13/2022 | 2007 | Cayman S | Other | 6 views

Upgrading to LED?

Saturday 06/11/2022 | 2006 | 911 Carrera | Electrical | 261 views

Looking to upgrade my 2006 911 Carerra Coupe (3.6) headlights, fog, and driving lights.  Any recommendations in terms of parts, brands, etc.. How to videos, etc.


Does the right wiper replacement have to be a curved one ?

Friday 06/10/2022 | 2002 | 911 Turbo | Other | 153 views



What is the best paint coating thickness gauge?

Friday 06/10/2022 | 2003 | Boxster | Body | 12 views

I am looking at a 2009 Boxster with 72K on the clock that has a flawless paint setup. The interior, however, is equally pristine. I just want to do my homework. Thanks.


I understand that there is a Technical Service Bulletin regarding Oil in the Cooling System

Thursday 06/09/2022 | 1990 | 944 S2 | Engine | 162 views

Is there a TSB regarding oil in the cooling system on 944 turbo and 944S2 engines?