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Engine bay heat

Saturday 11/26/2022 | 1987 | 924S | Engine

Further to my previous question Increasing Under Hood Air-Flow Monday 10/24/2022, I've seen 924S' both with and without the underhood black foam insulation. Assume this is primarily for noise, but does it also help retain engine bay heat? In other words, would removal of the insulation help in engine bay heat dissapation? Thanks again!


Black Foam Blows Out Of The Interior Vents When I Use The HVAC System

Monday 11/21/2022 | 2000 | 911 Carrera | Heating and Ventilation

I am looking to buy the replacement foam. Does anyone know where I can get this from?I know that Porsche used the foam for a reason. Does anyone know the reason? Weight savings? Are there small holes in the foam to allow air to go through? others?Thank you


Help with a 2011 C2S DME Report

Monday 11/21/2022 | 2011 | 911 Carrera S | Engine | 117 views

Hi I am looking to buy a 2011 C2S from a Porsche dealership. They came back with a DME report and mentioned that since there are revs over the first two ranges, they cannot CPO it. They mentioned nothing else was found during the rest of their CPO inspection and they just performed the 40k mile service on it as well. I am still interested in the car, but was curious if there are concerns regarding the revs in ranges 3-6? Looks like it was just the first of three owners who drove it in ranges ...


Steering column control module?

Sunday 11/20/2022 | 2009 | Boxster | Electronics | 105 views

All steering column controls inop: turn signals/high beams, computer control stalk, wipers/washers, cruise control, horn. Fuses check normal. Durametric reads “C130 Communications. Steering wheel electronics (comfort). Steering column: unable to connect to this module.”Which $$$ module might this be?Thanks much.


Weird idle, then metal to metal crashing noise and white smoke pluming while driving

Sunday 11/20/2022 | 2006 | Cayman S | Engine | 141 views

(manual trans) I was driving back from the grocery store when I noticed the engine would idle above 1k RPM, at around 1,300 to even 1,900 RPM. It was fully warmed up from my drive to the store, so it is odd that it is idling this high. As well as when I would slow to a stop in neutral, the engine would blip itself as if I were down shifting. I did not have my foot on the gas nor clutch, only brake. Then when I pulled in to my apartment, I heard metal on metal clacking and crashing, followed b ...


Can I change the gear oil and PDK fluid myself?

Sunday 11/20/2022 | 2010 | Boxster | Transmission/Clutch | 204 views

I want to service the PDK transmission in the 2010 987.2 Boxster I got about 6 months ago. I have serviced my own Porsches for years (914, 914-6, 964’s, and 986) as well as doing extensive restoration work. Is this something a (better than average) home mechanic can perform? (following up on a previous tech question) Since adding some coolant to the car it hasn’t used or lost any more.Thanks in advance for your help!PK ...


Is it safe to use a 1000A jump starter to start a dead battery in my 1995 911C2?

Thursday 11/17/2022 | 1995 | 911 Carrera | Accessories | 180 views


I have to replace my tiptronic shifter trim (carbon fiber) on my 2004 TT. What do I need to disassemble on the shifter tunnel to replace it?

Wednesday 11/16/2022 | 2004 | 911 Turbo | Interior/Upholstery | 36 views

Emergence of significant vibration throughout car at idle at startup

Wednesday 11/16/2022 | 1983 | 944 | Engine | 162 views

Emergence of significant whole car vibration throughout vehicle upon startup after cold or sitting for awhile. Disappears when RPM above 1200; reappears when RPM drops to ~900-1000 rpm, vibration reduced but still present after engine warmed up. Did not occur previously over my 8000+ miles of careful 2nd ownership. Otherwise car runs smoothly throughout all gears and rpms. Over 2 days four techs at local Porsche dealer could not solve issue; say motor and transmission mounts look 'pristin ...


I am looking for idea's on organizing my service records for all the work that I do on my porsche.

Wednesday 11/16/2022 | 2011 | Cayman | Other | 72 views

I am doing some work on my 2011 Cayman, I would like to organize all the service records to help document the vehicles history. This car is new to me, so I have the CarFax from the sale to me. I also, have some records that were left in the glove box. I'm hoping to get copies of repairs that are listed on the CarFax report from the repair shops. These shops are in Texas, and I am in Ohio. Would Porsche dealerships share this data?I am replacing my AOS myself, I have t ...


I have a 2011 997 (Speedster) that has an issue with the two key fobs. I replaced one of the fob's battery and since then, one will open/lock but will not start the car. I other fob will start the car, but will not lock/unlock the car. Is this a dealer only fix or is there something I can do?

Tuesday 11/15/2022 | 2011 | 911 Speedster | Electrical | 60 views

After running perfectly to do several errands the car was parked and turned off. Upon restarting after about 15 minutes, what could cause the engine to suddenly barely idle, then stall and won't start?

Tuesday 11/15/2022 | 2003 | Boxster | Engine | 240 views

The car had been running excellent while running a few errands during which I parked it to run into a store. About 15 minutes later, I restarted it and it would barely idle, would not rev and then stalled completely. It would not restart. Suspecting the mass air flow sensor (it had failed a couple years ago and would barely idle) I removed, cleaned (with mass air flow sensor cleaner) and re-installed the sensor. I attempted to restart the engine first with the sensor disconnected, no fire. I ...


Michelin Sizes and Styles for 996 Rear Changeout (2)

Monday 11/14/2022 | 2003 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Wheels and Tires | 54 views

This morning I had my two rear PS2 285/30/18 changed out to new Pilot Sport 4S 285/40/18.I love the look. But, my ABS and PSM shuts off after driving about a half mile. Repeatedly. Warning lights flash, chimes chime and idiot lights stay lit. My Durametric shows P5500, Wheel Speed Monitoring. I get that the tires are about 2" larger diameter, but I thought that would fly if they were on the same axle (rear). Will my car adjust to the new size? What can I do? Thanks, ...


I am showing lean codes on both banks. The car runs fine. Am I looking at O2 sensors?

Monday 11/14/2022 | 2007 | 911 Targa 4S | Engine | 42 views

The check engine light popped on and I drove it home. It seemed to be running as usual. My scan tool indicated P0171 and P0174. No other codes. I do not know when the sensors where changed as I have had the car only 3 years.


Driver's seat position

Monday 11/14/2022 | 2007 | Boxster | Interior/Upholstery | 171 views

Mr DiGiovanni wrote in a Boxster thread about Roll Bar Height that " It is also possible to lower the seat position."Is it possible to lower a Boxster seat beyond the level provided by the lever on the outboard side of the seat? If so, how, please?Thank you in advance for your time and for your assistance,David


Boxster top inoperable

Monday 11/14/2022 | 2007 | Boxster | Other | 192 views

My car had paint correction last year.Since coming back from the body shop I've only put the top/hood down twice.The second time, recently, putting the top down was accompanied by a 'click-click-click' sound, which was also present when I put the top up. When I put the top up, it didn't Quite close fully, though it was close enough to the top of the windshield to engage the latch. The windows, however, did Not close fully, and there is now an error message ...


Diver Door not opening from inside. The windows goes up and down when actuating the door latch but the door won't open

Monday 11/14/2022 | 2005 | Boxster S | Electrical | 99 views

My windshield fogs up from the bottom when I have the AC on. I live in SW Florida, so the AC is almost always on. How can I prevent this or how can I remove the fog quickly?

Friday 11/11/2022 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Heating and Ventilation | 39 views

What else do my spare rims fit

Thursday 11/10/2022 | 2001 | Boxster S | Wheels and Tires | 108 views

Have a set of Alleggerita HLT Star 18X8 front rims with 57MM offset and 18X9 rear rims with 43mm offset off my 2001 Boxster S, getting ready to sell, but uncertain what else these cars will fit. Cayman, 911, etc and so forth. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Bill S.PS: Tires in the car are 225/40/18 front and 265/35/18 rears if that matters.


This is a follow-up to my previous question. I Have Owned My 1983 944 Since New. I Have Taken This Car To My Local Mechanic Who Has Worked On My Car Many Times. It Is Only Firing On 2 Cylinders. We Have Replaced The Distributor Cap As Well As The Spark Plug Wires But We Still Only Get Spark On 2 Cylinders. Have You Experienced This Problem Before And If So What Do You Suggest We Do Next To Solve This Problem? Thanks!

Thursday 11/10/2022 | 1983 | 944 | Electronics | 231 views

This is a follow-up to my question from September 2022. This question was published the Q&A in the last issue of Panorama.I have searched the Q&A section for this solution in and I found no topics that mention the Speed Sensors nor the Reference Sensors so I thought I would let you know what worked for me. My solution to this problem was removing the 40 year old Speed Sensor and the Reference Sensor and replacing both with new ones I bought from Pelican Parts. This re ...



Wednesday 11/09/2022 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Performance Modifications

Hi, so I want to do a Fister modification to my exhaust. Oddly I still have my original exhaust from my 1999 Boxster. Can I send that exhaust into Fister and then switch it out with my exhaust from my 1999 911?


Wheel width

Wednesday 11/09/2022 | 2002 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Wheels and Tires

I have 17" wheels that are 7" wide in the front and 9" wide in the back. I want to get another set of wheels for winter tires. I can get a used set of 17" wheels that are 6.5" and 8". My offsets are both 55. The ones I can buy are 55 front and 40 rear. Can I run those for winter tires? Tire size is 205/50 in the front and 255/40 on the rear.


stereo upgrade

Tuesday 11/08/2022 | 2008 | 911 Carrera | Accessories | 213 views

i have 08 911 base non bose but has navigation replaced head unit with car playsounds awfulno bass in speakers


Transaxle wine went from whine to very loud

Tuesday 11/08/2022 | 1984 | 944 | Transmission/Clutch | 174 views

Transaxle went from whining like they all do too very loud when winding down until clutch is pushed in and it totally goes away ,replaced transaxle fluid 20,000 miles ago with redline 90/140 Limited slip fluid.should I attempt to change the fluid again or do I have much bigger problems? Such as a tranny rebuild or torque tube issues . thank you


Hi Pedro, Yes the over-revs decrease slightly from range 2 to 3 and the rev limiter is highest. I've attached a screen shot showing there is no range 4-6. The numbers are: Range 1, 349. Range 2, 291. Range 3, 264 ignitions. Can you tell me what the new 3 ranges are? The limiter in 2020 is set at 8,000 rpm. Thanks, Dan

Tuesday 11/08/2022 | 2020 | 718 Cayman GT4 | Engine | 168 views

sun visor problem

Tuesday 11/08/2022 | 2016 | Boxster Spyder | Interior/Upholstery | 204 views

applying considerable force, I have yanked free the right side of the driver side sun visor such that it now swings to the side ( as is the case in most late model cars ) partially shading the driver side window on my 2016 Spyder 981. Now, I can't seem to return the visor back into its keeper mounted on the inside of the windshield. Any ideas?


How do I get dried wax left from the previous owner in the crevices? Thank you!!

Monday 11/07/2022 | 2008 | Cayman | Other | 261 views

Thank you in advance!!


I own a 2003 Carrera C4S with low miles 22,000. I will be driving it more in the winter months in NW Oregon as I sold my other daily driver. It currently has Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's on all factory wheels. Can you recommend an alternative tire that will be good on wet surfaces and still have reasonable performance on dry pavement.

Monday 11/07/2022 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Wheels and Tires | 48 views

I also have a 2022 Cayenne so I will not drive the 911 in snow or ice. I would worry more about the other drivers hitting me that me crashing as it would be fun to drive the AWD 911 in snow.


What is a good battery tender for my 996 Turbo

Sunday 11/06/2022 | 2004 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Electrical | 312 views

I've been experiencing problems starting my car after two weeks of inactivity and I am interested in keeping a " battery trickle charger " hooked up to it and would like to know if that is a good idea and if it is what unit, (if it matters) should I get. Thank you.


What is cause of sudden electrical system issue of headlights work but will not retract. Radio stopped working, sunroof stopped working, security system not working, front wipers quit working

Saturday 11/05/2022 | 1987 | 944 | Electrical | 195 views

Problems just started. I raised the headlights but now won’t retract. Other issues are similar. Just all the sudden stopped working


Pedro Bonilla answered my question on rev ranges for 2020 GT4. However, I did have events in ranges 2 and 3 but no other ranges shown.

Thursday 11/03/2022 | 2020 | 718 Cayman GT4 | Engine | 75 views

My rear tail lenses consists of 1 back up bulb, 1 brake/tail light bulb, 1 blinker bulb, 1 side marker bulb, and there is one more spot on the side next to the side marker with no bulb in it. What is this bulb for?

Thursday 11/03/2022 | 2003 | 911 Carrera | Electrical | 69 views

torque specs for 2007 cayman exhaust manifolds

Thursday 11/03/2022 | 2007 | Cayman S | Engine | 159 views

intermittent oil pressure indicator failure notice

Thursday 11/03/2022 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Electronics | 84 views

I just had the oil and filter changed.


Can anyone recommend a good classic porsche mechanic near the Sacramento area that works on 914's?

Thursday 11/03/2022 | 1975 | 914 1.8 | Other | 102 views

i have a 2016 base cayman that i drive on the street and i track it occasionally. any recommendations for coil overs that would improve track performance with out too much sacrifice for the street ride??

Wednesday 11/02/2022 | 2016 | Cayman | Suspension | 156 views

Radio noise

Tuesday 11/01/2022 | 1990 | 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet | Electronics | 63 views

There is a "whine" in the audio system which is consistent with engine revs. It is worse when the engine is cold but continues after driving for some time. I don't know if this is related to a problem with the audio amplifier (the radio was replaced and the problem still exists). All other aspects of the system are original. It was suggested in the past that the noise is related to some signal leakage from either the spark plug wires. Any suggestions? ...


recommendation for service in Hudson Valley NY for 1999 996 C4

Monday 10/31/2022 | 1999 | 911 Carrera 4 | Other | 111 views

About to buy a C4 and obviously would appreciate being made aware of a vetted mechanic who really knows what they are doing :)All help and input is appreciated !!Matt


Why does my 944 vibrate and become rough above 4000 rpm?

Sunday 10/30/2022 | 1984 | 944 | Engine | 60 views

The car recently underwent extensive maintenance, including timing belt, water pump, engine reseal, lambda sensor replacement, and new Koni yellow shocks front and rear. When it came back from the shop it had a new issue of vibrating noticeably above 4000 rpm. The shop believes this is because the motor mounts have perished and were torqued down following the engine work, so the harshness of the motor is being transmitted to the chassis and gear lever. Since the 944 has a balance shaft I'm cu ...


The new GT cars, or at least my 2020 GT4, have only 3 over-rev ranges. However, I can't find out what they are. Can you tell me?

Sunday 10/30/2022 | 2020 | 718 Cayman GT4 | Engine | 183 views

The new GT cars, or at least my 2020 GT4, have only 3 over-rev ranges. However, I can't find out what they are. Can you tell me?


Replacing Headlights

Saturday 10/29/2022 | 2009 | Cayman | Electronics | 117 views

My left low beam headlight just went out. Two quick questions:1) any good reason to not just replace the one myself? Do both if going through trouble? Seems easy enough - any major challenges?2) better to stick with OEM or is there a good aftermarket option for new lights (LED?) that is worth looking into if replacing bulbs anyway?


How do I remove the saved music from the Juke Box

Friday 10/28/2022 | 2015 | Boxster S | Accessories | 108 views

I am selling my car, how do I wipe the hard drive of my stored music?


Engine shop recommendation for the Detroit Mi area?

Friday 10/28/2022 | 2006 | Cayman S | Engine | 78 views

My 2006 cayman s is demonstrating bore scoring symptoms. Clicking sound, some oil consumption (1/3 qt in 5k miles.) Sooty tailpipe (I think?)  My plan is to do oil analysis and get the bores scoped. IF scoring is present, I understand my option is a rebuild. Going to Auto Europe in Birmingham MI to the scope, curious if any one has used them for rebuilds or are the any shops local to the Detroit area that are recommended. ...


968 rattle at idle plus...

Thursday 10/27/2022 | 1993 | 968 Cabriolet | Engine | 90 views

The 968 has has what sounds like an exhaust system rattle at idle. Originally, it occurred only when the AC engaged, increasing engine load. Now it occurs regardless of AC load. Accompanying the rattle is a noticeable clunk both on and off the throttle.Both my mechanic and I have checked the exhaust hangers. The rubber looks fine (they're not dried or cracked) and there is no obvious under car scuffs on either the pipes or muffler/converter. We also checked the motor mounts by increas ...