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The lens on my 2013 Boxster S are all spidered. I’ve tried buffing, ceramic… Does anyone know of a reputable shop that will replace the lens.

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 2013 | Boxster S | Body


Battery Specifications for G-Model?

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 1985 | 911 Carrera | Electrical

The Interstate battery (MTP-93 with 850 CCA) in my 1985 911 was no longer holding a charge, so I contacted my shop for a replacement. They gave me an Interstate MTP-49/H8 with 730 CCA. I installed it but the car still would not start without a jump start. Figuring the new battery may have been discharged, I drove it 20 miles and then parked it. Two days later, it took three tries to crank the car - very slow to crank and just doesn't want to turn over. Letting it sit a couple of weeks re ...


944 Water pump install problem

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 1985 | 944 | Engine

I recently purchased a 1985.5 - 944 NA. It had no maintenance history. I went about the process of replacing the timing belt, bal. belt and water pump etc - ASAP. But when I got to the water pump one of the lower bolts broke off. I tied the 2 nut solution to try to remove the stud that remained - but that broke off - even after sitting for 24 hrs in penetrating oil. What was left was a small nub where the stud broke. I then tried to use heat and grab with vice grips - no room - keeps slip ...


2008 Boxster key no longer releases from the ignition switch when the car is turned off.

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 2008 | Boxster | Electrical

The key can only be removed with the release button. The battery had died but replaced and all other dead battery side effects have cleared. The car has been driven several times since the battery was replaced but the key lock refuses to release when the ignition is switched off. 


what are factory alignment specs for a 2018 boxster s with 20" rims? thank you

Thursday 04/18/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


Upgrade 2007 cayman steering wheel

Thursday 04/18/2024 | 2006 | Cayman S | Other

I want to upgrade steering wheel from Tiptronic switch’s to paddle levers instead.can I activate multifunction steering wheel controls.


has anyone replaced 718 boxster s wheels with 18" rims to save on tires and tracking? If so what rim width and what tire width did you use? (18" rims are not factory options so tire rack precludes tire selection) thank you

Wednesday 04/17/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


Pedro replied to my question that other than the expensive PIWIS, the best aftermarket code reader was DURAMETRIC. 2016 981 not supported..

Wednesday 04/17/2024 | 2016 | Boxster S | Accessories

I own Duurametric and it worked great on 2003 Boxster S, but 2015 981 is last year model supported for Boxster S. My newer Boxster S car was manufactured In Sept 2015 but is considered a 2016 Model. I attempted to update and use Durametric for 981, and it only partially worked. It was not stable enough for me to trust it to reset the oil change interval.


Stalled car and the gas gauge stopped working?

Wednesday 04/17/2024 | 2011 | Boxster | Electrical


Battery replacement

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Electrical

Which is the best replacement for my 1999 911 cabriolet?


After a drive I've noticed a little antifreeze in front of my passenger tire. I've done some minor research and wanted to try and find the correct information. Does the 03 996 C4S have a Rubber Nipple on the radiator as the standard and earlier 996's have? Or is the leak a common issue for 996's as a whole?

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Other

Have a slight radiator leak on the passenger side of the vehicle, wanted to know if the 03 c4s's are the same design as the standard and earlier 996 generation's in terms of cooling systems?


there are hairline cracks on the front brake rotors around the drilled holes. The car has only 10,000 miles. Should the rotors be replaced?

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Brakes


Is it recommended to replace suspension components in a 2006 Carrera S

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2006 | 911 Carrera S | Suspension


what is best obd code reader for 981

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2016 | Boxster S | Body

i need to reset oil service


Recommended Shop for Coolant Pipe Pinning (Northern VA)

Monday 04/15/2024 | 2009 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Engine

Hi all,Given the fact that I suffered the dreaded IMS bearing failure on my '05 Boxster, you'd think I would've done a little more research before I plunked down the money on my 911 Turbo.But here we are and I'm reading all about the epoxy failing on the aluminum coolant sleeves and the engine dumping coolant everywhere. I'm wondering if anyone has had their coolant lines pinned or welded and could recommend a shop to do the work in the Northern Virginia area.Thanks! ...


how do I remove the clock out of 67 911

Sunday 04/14/2024 | 1967 | 911S | Accessories


How can I have my PCM system display the correct date?

Saturday 04/13/2024 | 2005 | 911 Carrera S | Accessories

According to my car's PCM system, today's date is 8/26/2004. I can use the navigation system, and the system will display the correct latitude and longitude, updating while I drive, and it also allows me to choose what time zone I'm in. My mechanic suggested I do a "hard reset" by disconnecting the battery and connecting the battery leads together to drain the system. I tried that, without success (I connected the leads together for about 10-15 min.)...Any ideas what's going on? ...


Someone is offering to detail my car with a product called polysilazane. He says it ie better than ceramic coating. Any comments?

Wednesday 04/10/2024 | 2013 | Boxster S | Other


What is included in the 6 year maintenance/service for a 718 cayman?

Wednesday 04/10/2024 | 2018 | 718 Cayman | Other

HI all, I'm just trying to figure out what exactly is included in the 6 year service for a 718 cayman. I've got 25k miles on it, but I've taken it in to Park Place for the past 5 years. Since the warranty is up, I'm looking around for an indy to do my servicing.TIA.


I am considering purchase of a '04 996 with GIAC Performance Software Flash engine modification. Will this modification affect a future smog test?

Tuesday 04/09/2024 | 2004 | 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet | Performance Modifications

I'm in a state which will require passage of a smog test prior to gaining collector plates. The car is now located in a state where emission testing is not required. The GIAC id is GIAC-996-3.6-XPH


Car battery

Tuesday 04/09/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Other

Which high performance battery replacement is best for my car?


How to uninstall a rear window on a 1982 Targa

Tuesday 04/09/2024 | 1982 | 911 SC Targa | Other


Clock and speedometer not accurate

Tuesday 04/09/2024 | 1979 | 911 SC | Electronics

I recently removed all gauges from the dash and the dash was completely removed from the car for restoration. The speedometer is showing higher mph than actual speed (based on radar speed signs and compared other vehicles as accurate). The clock is also not keeping the proper time. Both worked properly/accurately prior to removing. Could this be related or is it a coincidence? Any recommendations on how to approach? ...


Hello everyone. I have an issue with my 2013 boxster's top. Sometimes the top will open or close about halfway and stop, with the message " failure with top". After letting go of the button and then pressing the button again, it will complete the operation. Does anyone know what the issue is. Dealer replaced the latch , but the issue persists.

Tuesday 04/09/2024 | 2013 | Boxster | Electrical


How to safely raise the height of manual seats in a 2006 Boxster base. Max height adjustment is not high enough fo my wife (5')

Monday 04/08/2024 | 2006 | Boxster | Interior/Upholstery

Considering adding spacers to the seat rail attachment points.


Why does my exhaust smell on a cold start?

Monday 04/08/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Engine

My exhaust has a foul odor when I cold start the engine.


Upgrade Steering Wheel from 997.1 Carrera Triptronic to 991.1 Macan

Saturday 04/06/2024 | 2008 | 911 Carrera | Accessories

Does anyone know the part number of the control module that I need to do this upgrade


Are Porsche Wheel Parts #s 987.362.157.06, and 987.362.161.01 Forged Alloy, or Cast Alloy?

Saturday 04/06/2024 | 2006 | Cayman S | Wheels and Tires

Are Porsche Wheel Parts #s 987.362.157.06, and 987.362.161.01 Forged Alloy, or Cast Alloy?


How do I stop my disk player from skipping tracks when I turn it off and then turn it on?

Thursday 04/04/2024 | 2006 | 911 Carrera | Electronics

It is annoying when I am listening to a recorded book and the disk player does not resume where it left off when I turned it off.


Owner's Manuals for 1999 911 2-door RWD Carrera Coupe

Wednesday 04/03/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Accessories

Dear Friends, I just purchased a 1999 911 2-door RWD Carrera Coupe. My first Porsche!  There are no owner manuals with the vehicle. I would like to locate a set of manuals that would have been original to the car. I have seen a couple on eBay, but some have the vehicle pointed forward, and some have the vehicle pointed backward on the manual's cover. Would someone be able to tell me what set would be correct to buy? (A photo (or photos) of the correct manuals would be great!) I woul ...


Alignment Before/after document

Wednesday 04/03/2024 | 2015 | Cayman S | Other


did dealerships ever replace just battery acid instead of replacing the entire battery

Wednesday 04/03/2024 | 2012 | Boxster | Electrical


Intermittent electronic oil level

Tuesday 04/02/2024 | 2019 | 718 Cayman S | Engine

More than half the time I check my oil level I get the message "Oil level information currently not available." But some of the time it works fine. I took it into a dealer, they checked it, and said it was working fine. (Of course it decided to work at the dealer -- Murphy's Law.) I can't tell if it's a sensor problem or a problem of the sensor communicating with the display. Any ideas what I can do about it? I am plenty nervous not knowing the level of my oil at all times. ...


I have symbols next to digital speedometer and just curious what they are indicating?

Tuesday 04/02/2024 | 2000 | Boxster | Electronics


Need my 1971 911S aligned after total restoration. I live in central Main

Monday 04/01/2024 | 1971 | 911S | Suspension

Complete restoration of a car that I bought new in 1971


What is the period correct radio for 1971 Targa?

Monday 04/01/2024 | 1971 | 911T Targa | Electronics


Do you recognize this device wired into my Cayman S in the frunk compartment adjacent to the Remote CD changer?

Sunday 03/31/2024 | 2006 | Cayman S | Accessories

Recently purchased this 987.1 Cayman S from an out of state Porsche dealer, upon delivery I found this device in the frunk compartment adjacent to the remote cd changer. My inclination is possibly a Starguard GPS tracking unit. In which case I assume pulling the fuse will disconnect the unit and eliminate any potential draw on the battery, correct?


Startup after sitting for five months

Sunday 03/31/2024 | 2000 | Boxster S | Engine

I would have to disagree with an earlier answer about the start-up of a Boxster after sitting in storage for five months. At this time that engine is dry except for the oil in the oil pan. On the early Boxster S, you want to go to your fuse panel next to your leg and pull fuse "roll C position 4, fourth from the left in that roll. This will disable the fuel pump, while you crank it over twice for five seconds. This will get the oil up and coat all the critical moving parts. Put the fuse ...


My CR-220 radio won't give me the CODE XXXX signal to enter its security code. I have the code, but am only getting the WAIT prompt, as if someone had entered a bad number three times. This could have happened a the shop, but I waited over night and it didn't reset. Still showing WAIT. Is there a way to prompt it for the CODE XXXX screen?

Saturday 03/30/2024 | 2001 | 911 Carrera | Accessories


My Convertable Top does not OPEN fully after I installed the (2) (just rebuilt) Hydraulic Cylinders.....

Thursday 03/28/2024 | 2002 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Other

I got tired of refilling the hydraulic fluid pump reservoir every 5-6 up/down cycles last summer so I asked about rebuilding the cylinders on this site and Chris answered and directed me to Cab Hydraulics in Sarasota Fla...Spoke to ZIg over there and he rebuilt them.... 2 day turnaround !!!Thrilled; I Installed them as per Cab Hyd's Installation Instructions...Clean and Professional.THANK YOU .CHRIS and of course ZIG at Cab.When I raised the top, It closes as it shoul ...


What is a reasonable amount of Shop Time (hours) to change OEM Front Brake Rotors and Brake Pads and Rear Brake Rotors and Brake Pads?

Wednesday 03/27/2024 | 2015 | Boxster S | Brakes

How many hours to complete the Front Brakes( Rotors - Pads - Sensors. How many hours to complete Rear Brakes (Rotors-Pads- Sensors)complete including Brake Fluids?


Pedro, this is a follow-up. My 987.2 Spyder has P74 Sound Package Plus, and NOT the Bose speakers. The original question was how to troubleshoot the PCM that often produces no sound but otherwise functions normally? Should I remove the center console side panels and check connections? Thanks.

Wednesday 03/27/2024 | 2011 | Boxster Spyder | Electrical

Follow up - no Bose, just P74 Sound Package Plus. I appreciate the help.


My 987.2 Spyder’s PCM sporadically has no sound, and lately happens more often than not. The PCM always turns on (radio, aux, BT phone, etc.) but half the time there is no sound. The only fix is to turn the car off and back on and hope the sound works. Again, everything else operates normally, just no sound through the speakers. It is binary - either works perfectly or not at all. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting? Thank you.

Wednesday 03/27/2024 | 2011 | Boxster Spyder | Electrical

Completely stock PCM and speakers. I’d like to know what path to take to troubleshoot a PCM that sometimes provides sound, but otherwise works perfectly (radio, phone, Aux). If a new PCM is required, where is the best place to shop/find a 987.2 PCM? Thank you.


How much does it cost to replace the air inlet valve?

Tuesday 03/26/2024 | 2008 | 911 Carrera 4S | Engine

The check engine light came on. Diagnosis shows the air inlet system has a problem. Further testing shows the valve does not operate and I believe the engine has to be dropped to access the valve. Is this correct and how much would it cost to replace the valve?


CR 220 radio

Tuesday 03/26/2024 | 2002 | 911 Carrera | Electronics

replaced radio with new unit. Lights up but no sound.


my 2000 Carrera 4 Tiptronic 5 speed stopped working when I put it in manual mode. It won’t come out of 1st gear. I don’t know if it’s an electronic problem or transmission problem. Where do I start?

Tuesday 03/26/2024 | 2000 | 911 Carrera 4 | Transmission/Clutch

the tiptronic transmission in normal mode works fine and goes through all 5 gears. Only in manual mode does it stay in first.


do i need to adjust any sensors when relacing 20 inch rims with 18 inch rims? who sells 18 inch rims?

Monday 03/25/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


is it possible to attach a 6 point harness to the stock bar supporting the roll bars on a 2018 Boxster S? Or is the solution a bar to hold the 6 point harness? Who sells the bars?

Monday 03/25/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Interior/Upholstery


Maintenance at 10 years and 56000 miles

Friday 03/22/2024 | 2013 | Boxster S | Other

I plan on getting the maintenance performed on my 2013 Boxster S with 55829 miles. I'm not sure what needs to be done.The spark plugs were changed in October 2020 and I do yearly oil changes. Other than that no other maintenance has been performed.What would you recommend I have done at 10 years and 60000 miles.Thank you


My door/window sill in my 2013 981 is delaminated on the passenger side and starting to do the same on the driver's side. I also have a 991.1 which, I assume, will eventually do the same. What are my options other than buying new door cards from Porsche?

Friday 03/22/2024 | 2013 | Boxster S | Interior/Upholstery