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What does option code H53 refer to? Thanks Mitch

Sunday 02/05/2023 | 1984 | 944 | Accessories | 93 views

I hace tried several times to ask a question, but never received a reply - a bit annoying. Peter Sabolch

Saturday 02/04/2023 | 2008 | 911 Carrera | Engine | 156 views

see above


Air Conditioning drain issue?

Friday 02/03/2023 | 1984 | 944 | Heating and Ventilation | 93 views

My 1984 944 still has it's original air conditioner and refrigerant. I usually keep the car garaged during the hottest and coldest months of the year so this problem isn't the end of the world but, it IS a problem nonetheless and I'd like to get it sorted out.Last year, while driving the car from Wash DC to my new home in Idaho the AC system would run and cool as 'normal' however, after a while the cool would go away and the blower would just push warm out ...


Years of 944s with the same heater control lever as a924S

Thursday 02/02/2023 | 1988 | 924S | Cables and Controls | 108 views

Reason for question is that replacement heater control levers are not available. Searching recyclers for a heater control arm for a 924S doesn’t seem to turn up one. However, I seem to recall that 944s for some years prior to somewhere around 1983 had the same dash as the 924S, so if I had the years, I could try again. It’s cold around here in the winter! Thanks, Rick Heyke


Removing belt tensioner idler pulley tightened with red Loctite.

Wednesday 02/01/2023 | 2006 | 911 Carrera | Engine | 78 views

I need to remove the idler pulley on the belt tensioner for the serpentine belt. It has red threadlocker holding it. What is your recommendation of how to break the threadlocker without doing damage to the engine or tensioner?


Recurring check engine light. Showing error codes P0102, P1126, and P1133

Sunday 01/29/2023 | 2000 | Boxster S | Electrical | 126 views

I have a 2000 Boxster S with approximately 35,000 miles, it is a weekend driver and doesn't see track time. I recently had all four O2 sensors replaced, however the check engine light keeps coming back on. My mechanic loaded new software and reset the check engine light, however the light keeps coming back on. The vehicle diagnostic report now shows error codes: P0102, P1126 and P1133. The Hot Film MAF Sensor has not been changed. What is going on and what steps should I take at this point? READ ANSWER

I want to change the exhaust. What is a good aftermarket replacement exhaust for a 2.7

Sunday 01/29/2023 | 2016 | Cayman | Performance Modifications | 78 views

Car showed oil pressure low, checked and found no problem, then switched to coolant level low, checked and found no problem.Now the car will not start at all, will not even turn over. What could be the problem (seems electrical).

Sunday 01/29/2023 | 2006 | 911 Carrera | Electronics | 48 views

Where can I find a windshield with the channel attached 1987 base car non-Air Bag

Saturday 01/28/2023 | 1987 | 944 | Other | 60 views

After replacing all four O2 sensors, the check engine light keeps coming on and shows error codes: P0102, P1126 and P1133.

Friday 01/27/2023 | 2000 | Boxster S | Engine | 45 views

My mechanic has reset the computer twice now and updated his software, however the check engine light still returns. The engine still runs strong. Does the MAF sensor also need to be replaced.


What is the part number and where can I shop for Sonnenschein batteries this side of the Atlantic Ocean?

Thursday 01/26/2023 | 1972 | 911T Targa | Electrical | 105 views

Since I can't get the Interstate batteries anymore, I have to search for dual battery alternatives.Thanks


Is there away to have the backup camera run when you are going forward on my 2016 base Cayman? I track my car and it would be a benefit to have this work..

Wednesday 01/25/2023 | 2016 | Cayman | Accessories | 135 views

Classic 911 Technical Information

Wednesday 01/25/2023 | 1972 | 911E | Other | 120 views

Porsche has 2 methods to retrieve original info on a vehicle.Porsche Production Specifications (PPS) and Classic Technical Certificate (CTC)The PPS contains your vehicle's original production card specifications, including optional equipment, exterior and interior color, engine and transmission type, production completion date and manufacturer's suggested retail price when availabl


Just purchased a 2003 996 with has the PCCM Plus radio upgrade. Does anyone know if a backup camera can be added.. so far I’m having no luck. Thanks

Tuesday 01/24/2023 | 2003 | 911 Carrera | Electronics | 159 views

Grease for Door Check Straps

Monday 01/23/2023 | 1986 | 944 | Body | 138 views

My passenger door was very difficult to swing closed on the hinges, so I removed the check strap to clean it out and grease it. I cleaned it, but what kind of grease should I use that will last for years?


PSM failure /seat heaters stopped functioning/911 cranked but will not start

Monday 01/23/2023 | 2006 | 911 Carrera S Cabriolet | Electrical | 120 views

PCCM+ Odometer bug

Monday 01/23/2023 | 2004 | 911 40th Anniversary | Electronics | 123 views

Hello - I've recently installed the PCCM+ unit in my 996 40AE car and have been really enjoying it. The unit has been great in use, however, there is one bug within the software that has been getting more attention. Specifically, at random, PCCM+ will cause the trip odometer, avg. consumption, speed to reset. This happens completely at random and I haven't figured out if there is anything I do to trigger it. I've spoken with one dealer about it but they didn't seem to know anything and could ...


Newly installed PCCM on 2004 911 AE, that shuts down after 30 minutes. I can turn it back on, but it takes a minute or so. What can I do to prevent this?

Monday 01/23/2023 | 2004 | 911 40th Anniversary | Accessories | 99 views

The PCCM works great and I especially like Apple CarPlay. However it is aggravating to reboot every 30 minutes.


PSM indicates failure seat heaters not working

Monday 01/23/2023 | 2006 | 911 Carrera S Cabriolet | Electrical | 129 views

PSM indicates failure seat heaters not working. Vin#WPOCB299X6S76931


996 (3/98 build) ABS + Battery Light / electrical issues

Sunday 01/22/2023 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Electrical | 84 views

Dreaded ABS + Battery lights came on recently on my early '99 996 C2 (3/98 build so super early). After about a 4 mile drive assuming battery would charge back up since it had been sitting for a while, wouldn't start and battery was completely dead.-Charged/tested battery; battery is goodREAD ANSWER

Fuel Octane rating

Sunday 01/22/2023 | 1997 | Boxster | Fuel System | 207 views

I just shipped my 1997 Porsche Boxster to Puerto Rico from Europe. The car runs on 98 Octane fuel however I cannot find a gas station in Puerto Rico that sells 98 Octane or higher? Are there any other alternatives?


If I get new immobilizer, do I need to have all keys reprogrammed as well?

Saturday 01/21/2023 | 2002 | Boxster S | Electrical | 108 views

We got caught in a rain storm and lo and behold did not know that the drain plugs on the car were plugged. We bought the car about 6 months ago and discovered that mice hd chewed a few items, including the convertible top and foam boot. The form went down the drain holes clogging them. In the rain storm the rain could not exit the car and water came into the cabin and puddled under the drivers seat. Car had some erratic electrical issues and then ultimately would not start. I have done a ...


How to handle bad oil and gas after an extended stay at a body shop?

Saturday 01/21/2023 | 2011 | Boxster Spyder | Engine | 138 views

My Boxster Spyder was in an accident in August 2022 and has not been driven up to temperature since. My situation is worse than a well-prepped winter storage scenario because the car has been moved around short distances in the time ever since (around the body shop and storage facilities). With parts supply chain delays, I anticipate getting the car back in summer 2023 so it will probably be a year out of commission. The fuel is at a half tank and I added fuel stabilizer about three months ...


What markings are on the front trunk air dampers for an original 1965, 911? Are these considered in the unrestored division at a Porsche Parade concours?

Saturday 01/21/2023 | 1965 | 911 | Other | 30 views

Are original replacements available through Classic Porsche?


Looking for a shop to replace my cracked plastic rear window on my 2001 Boxster, I live in Massachusetts. Thanks

Friday 01/20/2023 | 2001 | Boxster | Other | 63 views

Water leaking into the passenger side seat well. I have cleared the drains , replaced the weather striping to the soft top and still no luck. Should my next move be to replace the weather stripping on the rear window. The water appears to be accumulating at the the lowest point of the rear seat.

Friday 01/20/2023 | 2004 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Other | 51 views

Will there be a retrofit infotainment option for the 997.2?

Thursday 01/19/2023 | 2010 | 911 Turbo | Other | 93 views

I'm interested in the porsche classic retrofit for my 2010 997.2 Twin Turbo Cabriolet?


Advice on installing new Coilover suspension

Thursday 01/19/2023 | 2009 | Cayman | Suspension | 228 views

Hi, I am thinking of replacing the suspension on my Cayman as it has some miles and feels a bit rough. I do not race the car and usually only take it out 2 or 3 times a month on nice days for sporty but casual drives. I did some research and many people seem to recommend the Bilstein B16 PSS9 Coilover System. looking to get advice on if this would be overkill for my situation or any recommendations on other product's. Also what do you think is a reasonable range for installation cost (produ ...