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Adjusting Alternator Housing Position?

Wednesday 05/15/2024 | 1984 | 911 Carrera | Engine

What is the technique for adjusting Alternator Housing for correct distance from the alternator pulley? Books I have don’t have directions for adjusting the space at the pulley, only for changing the alternator.Can the Alternator Housing cause temperature to go up and reduce oil pressure as it makes contact with the pulley causing a binding ?Engine temp ran hot between top line and red bar. I shut the engine down for a few minutes and separated the pulley from the housing ...


1986 Porsche 944 Turbo Option code M60

Monday 05/13/2024 | 1986 | 944 Turbo | Other

I am looking at a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo for sale and it has an option code on the sticker M60. I have checked everywhere to see what this translates to and I am unable to find this anywhere. He says it has factory adjustable koni shocks.Any assistance is greatly appreciated.Chad


What causes both turn signal indicators on gauge to dim & both flicker while at 1100 RPM idle with foot on brake pedal.

Saturday 05/11/2024 | 1970 | 911T | Electrical

Electrical gremlin. With engine idling at 1100 RPM, with either L or R turn signal activated, the appropriate L or R indicator light flashes on gauge. However, when I have my foot on brake pedal (as stopped in traffic) - suddenly signal indicators go dim and both weakly with flicker simultaneously (not strong dual flashes as hazard lights do.) I experimented by revving the engine a little with gas pedal or hand throttle --to boost RPM and the signal indicators suddenly ...


How to remove smaller odometer adjustment cable from speedometer

Saturday 05/11/2024 | 1970 | 911T | Cables and Controls

My 1970 911T needs the trip meter repaired so my speedometer will be mailed out for service. Re the two speedometer cable connections - how do I (1) uncouple the trip meter smaller cable in the back of the speedometer? Is it a press-fit? I prefer to do this as opposed to unscrewing the adjustment knob set screw the dash. (2) Also, aside from disconnecting electrical connections which seem very straightforward, the main larger cable is an unscrewing process for removal? Thanks. ...


Removing 1984 Wheel Lock Without AKey

Thursday 05/09/2024 | 1984 | 911 Carrera | Wheels and Tires

Is a key available from Porsche for an older factory installed wheel lock?Can it be removed by other means?


968 Clutch Slave Cylinder Alternatives

Thursday 05/09/2024 | 1993 | 968 Cabriolet | Transmission/Clutch

The slave cylinder on my 968 has sprung a leak and the replacement part is very expensive. Can I use a 944 slave cylinder, which is much less expensive?


recommended mileage for drive belt, tensioner and pulley to be replaced.

Wednesday 05/08/2024 | 2002 | Boxster | Engine


Storage of our Porsche

Tuesday 05/07/2024 | 2008 | 911 Carrera | Other

We are "snowbirds" and leave our Porsche in Florida in the Summer months. I have tried just leaving a trickle charge on the car and that works, but I am concerned about the temperatures that probably exceed 100 degrees. Would it be better to have someone drive it every 10 days or so?


Engine oil analysis

Tuesday 05/07/2024 | 2007 | 911 Carrera 4 | Engine

What company do you recomend for engine oil analysis?


Sport exhaust for 911 Carrera 2006

Tuesday 05/07/2024 | 2005 | 911 Carrera | Accessories

Want real sound


987.1 Coolant fans come on shortly after starting car cold and stay on - Follow up-

Tuesday 05/07/2024 | 2005 | Boxster S | Electronics

Hello,In investigating further on my continual coolant fans running I found that the AC cannot come on. I believe the AC pressure switch is bad as when I unplugged the switch I could hear hissing. I was going to check continuity but. I am wondering does this Porsche Boxster have check valves on the system to prevent what refrigerant remains from leaking out? Also if it does have a check valve and I replace the switch can a refill on the low pressure side solve the high side deficit ...


Can a 986 spare tire be used on a 06’ Boxster S with 28” wheels?

Tuesday 05/07/2024 | 2006 | Boxster S | Wheels and Tires

Thank you


what size wheel studs recommended for boxster S with carrera s 20inch rims. please include length thank you

Monday 05/06/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


I live in Delaware. Where is the best place to get my headliner replace. 2006 Carmen S

Monday 05/06/2024 | 2006 | Cayman S | Accessories


After 6 month winter storage on the cigarette lighter trickle charger, I had to open door with the manual emergency key. Then pop hood with jumper cable from a different car. After charging and turning the charger up to "80 A Engine Start" I was able to start the engine. I turned it off and set the charger to 2 A Trickle for overnight charging. Will I be able to drive the car (if it starts tomorrow morning) the 20 minutes to the dealership or will run the risk of breaking down on the way there?

Sunday 05/05/2024 | 2016 | Boxster Spyder | Electrical

The car has the Exide 5K0 915 105 D battery. I am pretty sure that it is the orginal battery ( I bought the car in 2020, one owner prior).


Fuel door has mysterious bracket--why?

Sunday 05/05/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Other

The fuel door on my 1999, 911 cabriolet has a small bracket on the upper right side. Why? What function does it serve? Why did Porsche go through the expense of putting it there if it serves no purpose? See attached photo.


Good morning SME’s. I just purchased my first Porsche; 2005 C2C with 84,650 miles. Doc show oil changed less than 3k miles ago but @4 yrs ago. Oil also shows full (to top of gauge). I hear a loud knocking/flunking noise from exhaust at cold start, then it goes away after a few seconds, but then white smoke show out of both exhausts for a few more seconds. The car has a strong odor of fuel as well. I am not driving until I complete a full oil change. Any ideas of the sources for these symptoms

Saturday 05/04/2024 | 2005 | 911 Carrera Cabriolet | Engine

Site won’t allow video attachment with sound(?)


Doors won't lock

Friday 05/03/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Body

My 1999 996 doors won't lock. Key fob stopped working a while ago, but the key would lock/unlock doors. Switch inside still provides unlocking. Now, when trying to unlock, I get an initial beep, indicating locking, followed by a second beep and the doors remain unlocked.Any thoughts?


987.1 Coolant fans come on shortly after starting car cold and stay on

Friday 05/03/2024 | 2005 | Boxster S | Engine

Hello all,I hope someone out there can give me some guidance. Recently my Boxster has started running its cooling fans (Radiator not engine compartment) at full power about 30 seconds after car start up regardless of temperature, even when cold starting. Both fans run until the car is stopped. The A/C is not on, specifically ECO is on and the temperature is turned all the way down and the cabin fan is off. I live in Vermont USA, so it is not warm this time of year, ...


I have a base 2016 Boxster that I want to add a midrange speaker in the door and speakers behind the headrests. What size are the speakers? Is there already wiring. I would also appreciate any other best practices or suggestions on improving the sound system. Also, if I replace the stereo head unit, will I lose the parking sensor capability?

Thursday 05/02/2024 | 2016 | Boxster | Accessories

I have a base 2016 Boxster that I want to add a midrange speaker in the door and speakers behind the headrests. What size are the speakers? Is there already wiring. I would also appreciate any other best practices or suggestions on improving the sound system. Also, if I replace the stereo head unit, will I lose the parking sensor capability?


Looking for a 996 intake hose( throttle body to air box)

Thursday 05/02/2024 | 2001 | 911 Carrera | Engine

Anybody local(Birmingham) have a stock 996 intake laying around? Need the throttle body to air box hose.


Will Kline Innovation 200 Cell Cat on a 99t Turbo pass SMOG test in CA?

Monday 04/29/2024 | 2001 | 911 Turbo | Performance Modifications

HiIm interested in upgrading the stock exhaust on my 996 TT. I'm looking at Kline Innovation 200 Cell Cat setup. Looking for responses from folks that experience with this exhaust and were there any issues with passing SMOG test in CA? ThanksZia


I'm looking help finding a reputable shop to perform a PPI near Beverly Hills, California.

Monday 04/29/2024 | 2012 | Boxster S | Other

Good morning,I am looking at purchasing a Boxster near Beverly Hills, California and am looking for help with PPI.Thank you and have a great day!Michael ValenzanoPCA Pocono Region, Zone 2


‘968 doors lock by themselves. I hear clicking then they lock

Sunday 04/28/2024 | 1993 | 968 Cabriolet | Electrical

if I am sitting in the car I hear a clicking the doors lock and if I try to start the car the alarm go off


How to determine if shocks need replacing or how to soften the ride?

Saturday 04/27/2024 | 2011 | Boxster S | Body

I’m new to Porsche cars and purchased a 2011 Boxster S in 2022. It’s a great car and fun to drive with the 6 speed and 300+ hp. But the ride feels a bit stiff on flat roads with cracks, expansion joints and minor bumps. Is that the nature of the beast? And if so, could the ride be softened with new/different shocks to improve the ride comfort?


My 1995 968 Cabriolet has problems with the trunk lock

Saturday 04/27/2024 | 1995 | 968 Cabriolet | Other

After last shop visit I noticed a problem with opening the trunk:the electric switch in left footwell opened normally, but insertingthe key into the lock mechanically wouldn't. The shop suggestedreplacing the lock...Must I or this there some different answer?


What sensor sends the cars speed to the speedometer and where is it located?

Friday 04/26/2024 | 2000 | 911 Carrera | Electrical


i want to improve handling in tight heavy loaded cornering conditions.

Thursday 04/25/2024 | 2015 | Cayman GTS | Suspension | 3 views

Does anyone have experience with adding a transverse strut (982 505 475) from SunCoast to a 2015 Cayman GTS?


I need topurchase a new battery for my car. old one long gone. please recommend thank you

Wednesday 04/24/2024 | 1975 | 911 Carrera Targa (US) | Electrical

I need a new battery. Old one long gone please recommend. thank you


I need a switch to disconnect the battery when the car is stored for several months

Tuesday 04/23/2024 | 2000 | Boxster S | Electrical | 3 views

I need to store my Boxster 3-4 months at a time several times per year. It is stored in a garage at our Florida condo, however there are no 110v outlets in the garage where I could plug the car into a C-Tech battery maintainer. I don't wish to physically remove the battery or keep removing and reattaching the cables on the battery posts every time we leave. Is there a recommended switch that can be permanently mounted to the battery terminal so that the battery doesn't drain while it is store ...


The lens on my 2013 Boxster S are all spidered. I’ve tried buffing, ceramic… Does anyone know of a reputable shop that will replace the lens.

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 2013 | Boxster S | Body


Battery Specifications for G-Model?

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 1985 | 911 Carrera | Electrical

The Interstate battery (MTP-93 with 850 CCA) in my 1985 911 was no longer holding a charge, so I contacted my shop for a replacement. They gave me an Interstate MTP-49/H8 with 730 CCA. I installed it but the car still would not start without a jump start. Figuring the new battery may have been discharged, I drove it 20 miles and then parked it. Two days later, it took three tries to crank the car - very slow to crank and just doesn't want to turn over. Letting it sit a couple of weeks re ...


Third Brake Light (upper brake light)

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 2006 | 911 Carrera 4S | Electrical

Upper brake light warning came on when backing out of driveway. Not able to determine if that is on a separate circuit than other brake lights. Those light are working but third light is not. Hoping it could be a fuse because it looks like a lot of tedious work to remove the panel the light is sitting in. Same day after stopping and shutting car off when starting back up received the brake light warning and then immediately following check engine light display (solid red ...


944 Water pump install problem

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 1985 | 944 | Engine

I recently purchased a 1985.5 - 944 NA. It had no maintenance history. I went about the process of replacing the timing belt, bal. belt and water pump etc - ASAP. But when I got to the water pump one of the lower bolts broke off. I tied the 2 nut solution to try to remove the stud that remained - but that broke off - even after sitting for 24 hrs in penetrating oil. What was left was a small nub where the stud broke. I then tried to use heat and grab with vice grips - no room - keeps slip ...


2008 Boxster key no longer releases from the ignition switch when the car is turned off.

Sunday 04/21/2024 | 2008 | Boxster | Electrical

The key can only be removed with the release button. The battery had died but replaced and all other dead battery side effects have cleared. The car has been driven several times since the battery was replaced but the key lock refuses to release when the ignition is switched off. 


Update on 03 996 C4s Radiators access.

Saturday 04/20/2024 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Other

Unfortunately you can not access the Radiator(s) Left or Right on a 03 996 C4S by removing the Wheel(s) and Inner Fender Lining(s). Primarily due to design and structural bracing, not allowing access or much visibility, may be due to the C4S having the Turbos Body shell etc.? I'll assume this is not the case on other 996 Models. The only way to access the Radiators for inspection/repairs is to completely remove the Front Bumper. ...


what are factory alignment specs for a 2018 boxster s with 20" rims? thank you

Thursday 04/18/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


Upgrade 2007 cayman steering wheel

Thursday 04/18/2024 | 2006 | Cayman S | Other

I want to upgrade steering wheel from Tiptronic switch’s to paddle levers instead.can I activate multifunction steering wheel controls.


has anyone replaced 718 boxster s wheels with 18" rims to save on tires and tracking? If so what rim width and what tire width did you use? (18" rims are not factory options so tire rack precludes tire selection) thank you

Wednesday 04/17/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Wheels and Tires


Pedro replied to my question that other than the expensive PIWIS, the best aftermarket code reader was DURAMETRIC. 2016 981 not supported..

Wednesday 04/17/2024 | 2016 | Boxster S | Accessories

I own Duurametric and it worked great on 2003 Boxster S, but 2015 981 is last year model supported for Boxster S. My newer Boxster S car was manufactured In Sept 2015 but is considered a 2016 Model. I attempted to update and use Durametric for 981, and it only partially worked. It was not stable enough for me to trust it to reset the oil change interval.


Stalled car and the gas gauge stopped working?

Wednesday 04/17/2024 | 2011 | Boxster | Electrical


Battery replacement

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 1999 | 911 Carrera | Electrical

Which is the best replacement for my 1999 911 cabriolet?


After a drive I've noticed a little antifreeze in front of my passenger tire. I've done some minor research and wanted to try and find the correct information. Does the 03 996 C4S have a Rubber Nipple on the radiator as the standard and earlier 996's have? Or is the leak a common issue for 996's as a whole?

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2003 | 911 Carrera 4S | Other

Have a slight radiator leak on the passenger side of the vehicle, wanted to know if the 03 c4s's are the same design as the standard and earlier 996 generation's in terms of cooling systems?


there are hairline cracks on the front brake rotors around the drilled holes. The car has only 10,000 miles. Should the rotors be replaced?

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2018 | 718 Boxster S | Brakes


Is it recommended to replace suspension components in a 2006 Carrera S

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2006 | 911 Carrera S | Suspension


what is best obd code reader for 981

Tuesday 04/16/2024 | 2016 | Boxster S | Body

i need to reset oil service


Recommended Shop for Coolant Pipe Pinning (Northern VA)

Monday 04/15/2024 | 2009 | 911 Turbo Cabriolet | Engine

Hi all,Given the fact that I suffered the dreaded IMS bearing failure on my '05 Boxster, you'd think I would've done a little more research before I plunked down the money on my 911 Turbo.But here we are and I'm reading all about the epoxy failing on the aluminum coolant sleeves and the engine dumping coolant everywhere. I'm wondering if anyone has had their coolant lines pinned or welded and could recommend a shop to do the work in the Northern Virginia area.Thanks! ...


how do I remove the clock out of 67 911

Sunday 04/14/2024 | 1967 | 911S | Accessories


How can I have my PCM system display the correct date?

Saturday 04/13/2024 | 2005 | 911 Carrera S | Accessories

According to my car's PCM system, today's date is 8/26/2004. I can use the navigation system, and the system will display the correct latitude and longitude, updating while I drive, and it also allows me to choose what time zone I'm in. My mechanic suggested I do a "hard reset" by disconnecting the battery and connecting the battery leads together to drain the system. I tried that, without success (I connected the leads together for about 10-15 min.)...Any ideas what's going on? ...


Someone is offering to detail my car with a product called polysilazane. He says it ie better than ceramic coating. Any comments?

Wednesday 04/10/2024 | 2013 | Boxster S | Other